for tobacco users & vapers

The IntelliQuit Mobile App is the first smartphone technology which biochemically measures nicotine consumption from all sources of tobacco and nicotine replacement and assists switching, cutting down or quitting.

Can anyone order the test?

At present the test needs to be ordered by a Health Care Provider. At purchase, we require visitors to verify that the NicCheck biostrips are being purchased only for professional health care use. Alternatively, all tobacco users (including vapers, smokeless oral tobacco & heat not burn tobacco consumers) can have their health care provider order the test . Download the IntelliQuit mobile app and order the biostrips here

How can I introduce my Health Care Provider to NicCheck?

Any tobacco user can introduce the IntelliQuit mobile app to their health care provider. Simply follow these suggestions and complete the form below.

What should I say to my health care provider?Something like: Dr. _____, cloud-based nicotine testing is now available online with IntelliQuit using FDA cleared, CLIA waived, insurance reimbursed smartphone technology. I’m interested in knowing my nicotine levels and I’m asking for your assistance. I’ve asked IntelliQuit’s clinical staff to contact your office and more information is available at

How many tests are necessary to describe nicotine level patterns?

It depends. Many clinicians will measure a tobacco user at intake to establish a baseline and perform follow-up measures at each subsequent visit. If tobacco use patterns vary greatly day to day or the user changes and mixes their tobacco product use (cigarettes, vaping, cigars, smokeless or heat not burn tobacco, and/ or nicotine replacement medicines) testing for more weeks may be necessary. If the tobacco user plans on cutting down their tobacco use or switching to vaping or smokeless tobacco, measuring nicotine levels before and after will help assess therapeutic progress. When you measure it, you can change it!

Is my information safe and secure?

We take your personal information seriously and your information is stored on state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant servers. Our goal is to ensure your information is maintained with the highest possible level of safety and security

I’m not ready to stop smoking or vaping. What do I do?

Many tobacco users are not ready to quit right away-And that’s just fine. Whether you are cutting down, switching to another product, continuing to use tobacco products while using a tobacco treatment medication or are just curious about your biochemical nicotine and tobacco consumption, the IntelliQuit Mobile App can help.

If needed, our clinical staff will assist you in making referral to your Health Care Professional (HCP) (personal information is necessary to identify you for your Health Care Professional (HCP). We will contact your Health Care Professional (HCP) for their clearance. You should feel free to contact your Health Care Professional (HCP) as well. Priority is given to those who first purchase Biostrips. Go to the IntelliQuit STORE to purchase biostrips and download the IntelliQuit Mobile App here Go to the IntelliQuit STORE to purchase biostrips.

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Please complete the information regarding the Health Care Professional (HCP) referred by you (you as the tobacco consuming patient) to the IntelliQuit Staff.

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*are required fields. Personal consumer information is kept confidential and is required to identify user to their health care provider (HCP).

NicCheck biostrips buyers must certify that the product is for professional use only. Go to the IntelliQuit Store to purchase NicCheck biostrips.